Vision 2023 Denver
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Image of Denver, Colorado, where Vision 2023 will take place
July 24-27, 2023 | Denver, CO

About Vision 2023


Our theme for Vision 2023 is "Low Vision Rehabilitation Across the Life Span." Although the majority of visually impaired people are seniors, there are, of course, visually impaired people of all ages. Those who lose vision early in life have many more life-years to live with visual impairment. Presentations will be identified to indicate the age of patients the session is most intended to address: Infants/Toddlers, Youth, Adult, Senior, and General.


Research into vision impairment is becoming increasingly important because of the predominance of information exchange which requires vision, such as books, journals, video, and computer monitors. In addition, this kind of research and development is important because of the importance of vision in such practical tasks as driving. A society such as the ISLRR meets a long felt need for the exchange of knowledge and information among people working in the field of LOW VISION research.

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