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Vision 2023 Denver
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Image of Union Station, an iconic landmark and vital transportation source, in downtown Denver
July 24-27, 2023 | Denver, CO


Paper (oral) presentations are 12-minutes with an additional 3 minutes for questions. Only one presenter is permitted for the oral sessions, although there can be non-presenting co-authors. The scientific committee will group these 15 minute presentations into 60-, 90-, or 120-minute sessions based on topic/subject area.

Posters will be displayed for a minimum of a half-day of the conference and will have a dedicated session time for the authors to discuss their poster with attendees. Attendees can wander through the poster hall and informally meet with presenters during this dedicated time to ask questions, discuss the topics, etc. You are expected to be at your poster during this time frame (which will be solidified by April 15).

For those who have submitted an abstract in one of the following categories, the scientific committee has determined which will be paper (oral) presentations and which will be posters. This information was outlined in your acceptance letter.
  • Research
This is a scientific investigation of a problem or product.
  • Case reports
This is a detailed report of the clinical or educational care and follow-up of an individual patient/client/student.
  • Service provision
This is a description of a clinical/educational/rehabilitative program, technology or technique that has not undergone a scientific study.


These presentations are stand-alone and will not be grouped with other presentations.
  • Workshop and lecture
This is a continuing education format presentation that may include hands-on activities designed to enhance care delivery or research activities of attendees. Workshops/lectures can be submitted for 1 or 2 hours. However, due to the length of these presentations and time/space constraints, we will be limited in the number of these sessions that can be selected for presentation. Authors are encouraged to submit an additional presentation under a short-presentation category as well.
  • Panel presentation
This is a pre-planned panel focusing on a topic that includes multiple presentations. The submitting author will be the moderator of the panel. Panel presentations will last 1 to 2 hours, including questions. Time for each presenter as well as amount of time allocated for questions will be determined by the panel, but must fit into the 1-or 2-hour format chosen during submission.

Vision 2023 Denver will be an in-person meeting. If your abstract is accepted, you and any co-presenters (for formats that permit them) should be available to present in Denver during the dates of the meeting. All presenters must register for the meeting.

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